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<On entertainment and anniversary *> Chateau Brian Sirloin etc. * Extreme course 8500 yen <All 14 items>

<On entertainment and anniversary *> Chateau Brian Sirloin etc. * Extreme course 8500 yen <All 14 items>

8500 yen

It is possible to change it with the all - you - can-drink for 2 hours at +1500 yen.

  • 14items
  • 4persons-
Reservation deadline
Until 22 o'clock the day prior to the desired shop visit date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

☆ * Customer support No.1 for entertainment use * ☆ Recommended when you want to eat good meat with entertainment or company members ☆ Used Kuroge Wagyu with A4 · 5 ranked chefs! Choice from all over Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu Delicious meat will be delivered.

Course menu

● Naka: Healthy Kimuchi (3 items)

Excellent also for snacks! Also compatible with alcohol ◎

● Appetizer: Namuru

Sesame oil will work and it will become cooked!

● NANATA: Salad

There are plenty of fresh vegetables glad for women ♪

● Nanae: Bagna cauda

Mineral with farm direct delivery Rich and fresh vegetables rich in condensed sweetness and taste!

● Pottery: thick-cut tongue

Thick beef tongue will overflow with delicious taste as biting chews!

● Pottery: Wagyu Beef Harami

Popular parts are also recommended as a standard!

● Pottery: Chateaubriand

This is the best part of beef!

● Pottery: Sirloin

Enjoy the delicious taste of cows!

● Pottery: ribulose

The part of the loose part that is the finest texture and is likely to be marbled.

● Grilled potato: core

Although it is peach meat, it is very soft even among them, and the texture is also fine.

● Pottery: lamp steak

A part where the taste of the meat is thick and the fat is small.

● Food: special grilled wagyu beef grasp or mini cold noodles

Choose a luxurious handmade or a classic cold noodle!

● Dessert: Today's dessert

Please contact the staff for the contents of the dessert.

<< Request at time of reservation >>

Please contact us before the day before arrival (within business hours) to change the number of people.Changes can not be made afterwards.Regarding cancellation of reservation please read the cancellation policy which is found in store basic information.If you have any other requests or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.Request reservation is not completed in reservation.I will tell you whether your reservation will be accepted by call back.We will automatically cancel if you do not hear from us within 3 days from the date you booked, thank you for your understanding.

2018/10/20 update